Wireless Non-directional People Counter HPC001

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About the Wireless Non-directional

 People Counter

The Wireless Non-directional people counter is the most technologically advanced commercial counting hardware.

Our small, battery-operated wireless counting technology is easy to install and provides superior traffic collection and data management for any organization. The traffic data can be easy transfered to any computer.

Key Advantages of People counter:

  • Compact and light weight (113x67x20mm, 213g)

  • Easy data retrieval by date or by hour

  • Counter Management via Windows, Linux, no extra software required

  • 1,15 Inch blue screen LCD display makes it easy on the eyes

  • Internal memory capable of storing for up to 500 hours (per hour per entry)

  • A truly wireless installation – replaceable battery LR6/AA operated.

  • Counts across span up to 2,5 meters 

  • Integrated mounting set or optional ABS plastic seat.

  • Setting & preferences are managed locally by key board on the counter

  • LCD screen background-light turn-on/off when only people access

  • Activate/Deactivate clock setting for a longer battery life

  • Lower battery indicator on LCD screen

  • LED indication for weak signal

  • Traffic data on desktop display for immediate inquiry.

  • Capable to be built into EAS Antenna to work together with system 
  • Language for operation: English.

Counter operated by replaceable battery R6/AA  Traffic data on desktop display for immediate inquiry ABS plastic seat
Polish/ English manual guide Example of information shown on the computer screen Declaration of CE-Conformity 
Licznik z kablem USB
The people counter ready to be connected with the computer
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